Best Strategy

Trading On Over And Under 2.5 Goals- The Best Strategy

Trading on under or over 2.5 goals markets in the betting exchanges can always be profitable provided if you make the effective use of the right strategy. The 2.5 goals market is a very popular market. To have this type of trading working very well for you, it is important to get hold of the right match between two teams that are low scoring. Perfect teams will have a weak offense and strong defense. The best situation for a match is when one of the two low scoring teams scores a goal in the first fifteen minutes while the second goal is scored minimum ten minutes later post the first goal or is not scored at all.

The Two Parts of Bet Placement

The bet placed by a punter can be divided into two separate parts, and they are:

Making The Choice Of A Match

The punter should wait for a goal in the first fifteen minutes, and when this goal is scored, the odds for under 2.5 goals will be jumping back. Avoid trading if this goal is scored after the first fifteen minutes of gameplay. This is because the odds shall rise in small amounts and this strategy might not prove to be profitable in the long run.

Try Waiting For Five To Ten Minutes

If you wait for five to ten minutes before placing your bet, you will find that the price has gone down and now you have the option of placing your bet in the same market. Make use of a smaller amount when you backed first as this will help you in getting profit on both the results.